Specialised network and know-how


Tax consulting

We compile an individual profile for each client, in order to sort out future tax liabilities. Our comprehensive service includes international tax planning for both individuals and corporations.

Tax rulings

We negotiate with the local tax authorities to determine your individual tax status (e.g. lump-sum tax, tax holidays, etc.) and we provide for the necessary tax rulings. Therefore we usually can predict your tax liabilities with a high degree of accuracy. It's not our policy to go for nil taxation but to achieve a reasonable tax burden.

Tax compliance and tax advice

We take care of all your tax formalities (tax returns etc.). We review your assessments and intervene to protect your interests whenever necessary. We assist your asset managers to optimise the structure of your investments, with the goal of keeping your taxes at reasonable level.


Resident aliens in Switzerland have the option of paying a lump-sum tax, which replaces ordinary income and net wealth taxes. If you wish to use this option, we will negotiate and provide for a binding personal tax ruling.

Law firm

Legal advice and litigation are among our core businesses.

Your relocation raises many legal issues. We handle them comprehensively, from providing for the necessary permits and drafting your contracts to helping you plan for inheritance and succession. Our lawyers can support you in almost any legal endeavour, from contract and public law up to litigation.

Law Firm Switzerland

Real Estate

We provide a range of real estate service for our clients.

Our key goal is to find a property that meets all your requirements. We help you with the search for, purchase or construction of your home, real estate investment or business facility. Our real estate specialists conduct reconstructions and renovations, appraise property, optimise your property management and provide you with advice on rental and tax issues.


We plan, organise and guide your relocation to Switzerland from anywhere else in the world. If you like, we can handle every associated task, from importing your furniture, vehicles, art collection, etc. to registering your vehicle and contacting your commune. After your relocation we will continue to offer every possible kind of advice and service to you and your family.

Family Office

Once you are resident, our Family Officer represents our clients for legal, tax, commercial and administrative purposes. Wealth management is not part of our service. However, upon request, we coordinate this service through our banking partners.

Family Office Switzerland